Xiaomi Launch Ultra-Cheap & Sleek Himo Electric Bicycle

Xiaomi continues to expand its ecosystem products each week. Among the products that have dropped this week is the Himo electric bicycle.The bicycle is actually a power-assisted bicycle with support for multi-mode cycling. Another strong selling point of the bike is its price tag. It is on offer for just 17,772.

The Himo Electric Bicycle, just like all Xiaomi products, comes with a solid build with a design that is quite attractive. Its battery modules, electronic control systems, and chargers are all integrated into the design.  The electric bike has a compact structure which is also lightweight.The handlebars are equipped with a multi-functional instrument panel with an LCD display.

The panel also has three buttons, one is the power button, another is the button to switch modes easily.The LCD display shows various vital parameters like the battery power, the distance travelled and others. The pane comes with an IP54 waterproof build which makes it suitable for use when it is raining.

Further, the bicycle frame is made of aluminium alloy and in all, it weighs 16.7kg which is light enough for ladies to lift up easily.The battery and internal wiring is integrated with the frame and is covered with a plastic casing. The handlebar is also collapsible for easy transport. The Himo Electric Bicycle comes with an LED headlamp with enhanced brightness.The taillight is designed to have a large area for visibility of the bike to other road users. The device also features high-performance brake discs with the brakes connected to the taillight. The bike also comes with wear-resistant shock-absorbing tires to ensure driving safety.

The Himo electric bike gets its juice from a 250W brushless DC motor in the power-assisted mode.The DC motor is integrated into the 12-inch hub on the rear wheel.This brings ease to the pedalling by providing less resistance, greater torque and rapid dynamic response.There is also a 6AH/36V battery with a charging time of about 6.5 hours. A fully charged battery can last a riding distance of about 50 kilometres.

The product is expected to start shipping on July 30 and is available in White and Orange colours. Unfortunately, we can’t tell when this product will be available outside China but that may happen soon via third-party retailers like Banggood and Gearbest.

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