Xiaomi Launch Mi Sports Sneakers 2

Xiaomi went official with a new Mi  Sports Sneakers 2 which came with a stylish design and affordable pricing. The first-gen Mijia Smart Sneakers received lots of positive reviews and was a hot-selling product. The Chinese tech giant has now launched the Mi Smart Sneakers 2 as an upgraded version of that model. As an upgraded version, the Mi Smart Sneakers 2 presents with an improved look and better finishing.


The Mi Smart Sneakers is manufactured using the Uni-Moulding process which ensures 5 different layers and types of materials are fused into a single mould.Each of the layers is separated using a thin polyurethane film pressed and bonded.Because the components are pressed together with the mould, the appearance of the components will appear to be cleaner than the ordinary manual glue combination, and the probability of the glue opening up s also highly reduced.

The new uni-Moulding process also provides even better stability and support to the feet. In addition, the midsole is crafted using the INFUSE material by the popular company Dow Chemical (DuPont).This material can greatly increase the resiliency of the midsole and is more comfortable and less deformable than ordinary EVA.

Further, the upper part of the Mi Smart Sneakers 2 is manufactured using a three-dimensional seamless high-elastic knitting process. The entire upper part uses just one seam thus minimizing foreign body sensation.

The material is very durable such that you can throw in the sneakers into the washing machine without fear of it getting damaged. There is no mention of the intelligent chip inside but since the first version had one, this model may like do too.

The new Mi Smart Sneakers 2 comes in five stylish colour options including White and Orange colours for females. These two colours are only available in sizes 36 to 39. There is also Black, Floral Blue, White and Dark Grey colours which are available in sizes 39 to 46.

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