Samsung unveils ‘The Wall’ – Ultimate 146-inch telly REVEALED

Samsung’s latest TV has just been unveiled at CES 2018 and it’s no wonder it has been dubbed “The Wall”.

This giant (The Wall) 146-inch television is built to fill an entire room and uses the latest technology to bring a perfect picture to this huge scale.

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Samsung says “The Wall” delivers incredible definition, without restrictions to size, resolution or form.

It is a self-emitting TV with micrometer scale LEDs – which are much smaller than current LEDs, and serve as their own source of light.

The MicroLED technology featured in The Wall eliminates the need for colour filters or backlight, yet allows the screen to offer consumers the ultimate viewing experience.

There’s currently no word on price for “The Wall” with Samsung expected to announce more news in the coming weeks.


However, this massive TV isn’t likely to be cheap.

Samsung’s current 75-inch tellies will set you back around £5,000 so expect to be considerably more.

Along with Samsung revealing its giant TV one of its main rivals has opted for something a little different.

Unlike traditional LED-based LCD TVs, which use a liquid crystal layer and an LED backlight, MicroLED uses an array of millions of individial, tiny LEDs to create the image. It’s very similar to the technology used in scoreboards and jumbo screens, but scaled for home use. A big, expensive home. Samsung says the 146-inch size was chosen to comply with the standard ceiling height.

For now The Wall falls into concept territory, but Samsung has very real plans to commercialize it. More information is promised to come at “a global launch” sometime this spring. Whatever final form The Wall takes, you can count on it being exorbitantly expensive and aimed at high-dollar home theater installations.


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