Amazon patents a mirror that dresses you in virtual clothes

Have you ever fretted over buying a suit or dress online for a wedding or another flashy event, wondering how it would look on your frame or if it would even fit?


Would you let Amazon dress you? It’s an idea that the company doesn’t seem to want to let go of. GeekWire reports that the company has been granted a patent describing just that sort of technology. The patent describes the mirror as partially-reflective and partially-transmissive, and uses a mix of displays, cameras, and projectors to create the blended image.

“These visual displays can be used to alter scenes as perceived by users, for example, by adding objects to the scene that do not actually exist,” reads the patent.


A patent doesn’t guarantee a product and there’s no word on if Amazon plans to develop the technology into one. But for a company that wants to break more fashion ground and one whose retail arm will almost definitely benefit from letting people try on virtual outfits, a blended-reality mirror such as this one seems like a smart move.

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Not all patented ideas turn into products, of course. But Amazon acquired Body Labs last year, an AI-software and computer vision company that once touted its ability to create 3D models of human bodies in motion and then dress them in virtual outfits.

Amazon has increasingly eyed a place in the fashion industry, ambitiously building up businesses in the sector, including launching its own clothing lines and developing algorithms that design clothing based on Instagram fashion trends.


It’s already launched its own fashion label, which the Look was playing into, even if that gadget’s buzz died very quickly after its reveal. Other retailers are also featuring smart mirrors in stores.

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