A New Bug which eventually Crashes your iPhone at 12:15 am

New iOS bug has been found that causes iPhone to crash at 12:15 am. That is your iPhone resprings at this time eventually.

Lots of users on iOS 11.1.2 and maybe other versions have been facing issues in the past 24 hours and suffering from reboots/bootloops after seconds or minutes of using their iPhone.

Apple will be fixing this issue with the iOS 11.2 final release. But now here’s couple of ways to fix and prevent the iPhone from crashing at 12:15 am.

First: Change your timezone to Honolulu.

Second: Change your date and time to 1 week ago (Not recommended)

Third: Delete the headspace app calm, or any other apps if you have installed it.

have you ever faced this issues on your iPhone? Let us know in the Comments.


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